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Debunking myths about bagels

Jerry Jones explains how bagels are protein packed and nutritional. Also join the Einstein Bros as they celebrate National Bagel Day on Saturday, February 9th and enjoy a free bagel

Heart-Shaped Bagels Are Coming to Warm Your Soul

Give Valentine’s Day candy a break and start slathering the cream cheese.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Jerry Jones, from Einstein Brothers Bagels is here to show us some of their protein packed items on the menu.

“Power of the Bagel” campaign

To mark the beginning of 2019, Einstein Brothers Bagels is launching a new “Power of the Bagel” campaign! They’re surprising folks with the news that some of their favorite breakfast items, like bagels, are already a great source of protein on their own. Jessica Cook has several great comparisons.

Einstein Bros wants you to rethink the power of the bagel

Einstein Bros wants you to rethink what a bagel can do for your breakfast. Breiana Ferraro joined us Friday to talk more about the new campaign. INFO. Einstein Bros. 19 locations in the Las Vegas Valley.

The Power Of Bagel Protein In 2019: Getting Smart With Einstein Bros. Breakfast

Diners can instantly define protein power players at the breakfast table: eggs, cheese, meat, yogurt and milk. An unexpected breakfast protein punch is coming from a familiar source taking their seat at the table. Sometimes, the familiar favorites just need a new light shone on them. On January 9, Einstein Bros.

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